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Planning Analytics
and Optimization



Variable Bonus Pay Calculation




Data Analytics suite of analytical models easy to customize according to your company requirements, to help you achieve your operational, financial, and strategic goals by optimizing financial planning, budget adjustment and forecasting processes and allowing real time collaborative data-driven decisions.

Data analytics tool to determine benefits and costs of potential investments to help decide which projects to choose to implement. Includes “what if” scenarios analysis, cash flow tracking, net present value and internal rate of return.

Solution to determine the amount to be paid as variable bonus due to performance and goal achievement for every job position in the company.

Friendly customizable budgeting solution, including sales, Operational Expenses (OPEX), personal expenses, Capital Expenses (CAPEX) and financial statements (balance sheet, cash flow and Profit & Loss)

Long-term forecasting for financial entities.

Data Analytics customizable solution that allows optimization and forecasting by different statistical methods, according to the purchasing history and the level of inventories allowed for each product item.


With our easily customizable models, our clients can significantly reduce development time, and go directly to the use of the analytic tools to solve hypothetical situations, test assumptions, compare alternatives, and use “what if” analysis to quickly respond to the continuously market changes. We integrate the different data sources into a single source to facilitate a collaborative and secure environment, and real time results to make quick and assertive decisions. Real Time Analytics has more than 15 years of experience in developing Financial Models.

Advantages & Differentiation
    ✔      Custom Visualizations
    ✔      Self-service in creation of visualizations
    ✔      Integration with various data sources
    ✔      Easy to Use (Friendly)
    ✔      Less development time
    ✔      Extensive Online Forums
    ✔      Default scatter features (no need to develop).
    ✔      Pivot dimensions in pivot tables
    ✔      Real time calculations
    ✔      Scalability (64-bit Olap Technology)
    ✔      Excel Add in (Direct interaction from)

Challenges we help resolve

     ✔      High volumes of data in excel sheets
     ✔      Delay in execution of processes data integration errors
     ✔      Not having collaborative environments
     ✔      Delay in response to business questions
     ✔      Complexity to design scenarios for "What if" analysis  


Automation of data entry

Hypothetical situations to test assumptions and compare alternatives

Simple and fast handling of high volume of data

Information management from a single source in a collaborative and secure environment


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